Energy Engineering and Design

Whether your project is a small retrofit, or a large green field project, ETA Energy Solutions and its affiliates can provide best in class engineering and design to achieve the lowest energy and carbon footprint objectives.

Hybrid Renewable Design

Integrating renewable energy technologies and supplementing with conventional energy sources is a complex interactive process. Renewable energy sources are much more sensitive to operating conditions and ambient temperatures. ETA Energy Solutions specializes in modeling these systems and optimizing both the component sizing and dispatch to create the most cost effective and energy efficient designs.

Geo-exchange Design

Geothermal or Geo-exchange is an efficient and environmentally friendly heating and cooling technology. Making it cost effective and competitive against conventional energy requires a broad understanding of the field. ETA Energy Solutions has contributed to national and international standards for the quality control of geo-exchange systems.

Solar PV/Thermal

Solar design now encompasses solar PV, solar thermal, and hybrid PV/thermal collectors. Optimizing the electrical and thermal outputs in concert with conventional energy sources is a core specialization for ETA Energy.

Seasonal Energy Storage

Storing energy seasonally harnesses the natural climate to our advantage. Combining storage with renewable heat sources and sinks unleashes the full potential of a site's resources.

District Energy

District networks can unlock the potential for large scale renewables to meet heating and cooling demands. ETA Energy Solutions has a broad range of experience with district energy especially with the integration of cost effective renewable sources.

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