Sacramento Municipal Utility District

The Sacramento Municipal Utility wanted to set a new bar for energy efficiency so for their new facility they required bidders to incorporate renewables sufficient to achieve net zero energy. The paradigm shift in design tension resulted in a creative combination of technologies and architectural design yielding the second largest net zero facility in North America.

WestJet Corporate Campus Geo-Exchange Design

Geo-exchange system paybacks are challenged in markets with low cost natural gas. Westjet’s corporate headquarters located in Calgary considered a cost of $1.4M for a traditional vertical borefield.

Hanover Park Chiller Plant Expansion

Jabil is a contract manufacturer delivering $20B of products every year. Energy consumption is often overlooked when energy spend is only a fraction of a company?s primary revenue stream.

Wal-Mart Burlington Horizontal Geo-exchange Design

The city of Burlington required Wal-Mart to build an energy efficient store if they were to be permitted to build in their city. After investigating traditional vertical borefield designs, which had pay backs in excess of 20 years, Mr. Bererton proposed an innovative horizontal geo-exchange design.

Photo Voltaic Thermal Solar Design

Naked Energy is not a euphemism for any biological processes, but rather a new take on solar energy. Combining the generation of electricity from photovoltaic cells with the recovery of high temperature heat is a speciality of technological innovator Naked Energy, LLC.

Expert Witness

When a large airport facility raised a claim on the engineering design for their geo-exchange installation, Eta Energy Solutions was called upon to be the insurance adjuster’s expert witness.

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