Seasonal Energy Storage

Solar is one of the most harnessed renewable energy sources available, but critics are quick to point out there is no sun at night and much less sun in the winter. Battery technology has advanced rapidly with the development of pure electric vehicles, and may accomodate daily electricity storage. But storing in batteries for more than a day is still too costly and is likely to remain so in the long term. ETA Energy Solutions is experienced designing technologies that can store thermal energy efficiently even from summer to winter.

Drake Landing Solar Community: World’s first 100% solar thermal heated community
Seasonal Solar Storage Explained

ETA Energy Solutions was involved during the early phases of design of the Drake Landing community. Learning from this pilot project, ETA Energy has spent years envisioning the solar community of the future. With new PV/T technologies combined with heat pumps to improve the Borehole Thermal Energy Storage efficiency, seasonal storage with solar is more economical today even in cold climates like Calgary, Alberta.

Seasonal storage may be even more economic with aquifers (Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage) as proven by the demonstration project at Delft University using Virtu HOT solar thermal collectors. (This is a parallel product to the Virtu PVT product by Naked Energy LLC.) The improvements in aquifer energy storage capacity and efficiency demonstrate that where aquifers are available, harnessing them can be the most cost efficient solution.

Heat isn’t the only thermal energy that can be stored seasonally.

In Sweden and Finland they have been storing snow for decades to use for summer cooling loads. Combining natural snow with artificially generated snow, storing in a pit and covering with insulating saw dust, this seasonal storage method provides cooling at a fraction of the energy input of conventional refrigeration.

ETA Energy has a broad range of experience with seasonal and diurnal thermal storage systems and is well equipped to deliver the right design for your site.


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