“…throughout the process James was able to provide valuable calculations and recommendations to direct our decisions.”

 Rick Ritter,  Jabil Packaging Solutions



“…designers had to use innovative thinking and sophisticated control algorithms to achieve the optimum efficiency necessary to make the geoexchange system worthwhile.”

Canadian Consulting Engineer

WestJet Calgary Campus


“Jim is one of the most technically astute engineers I’ve had the pleasure of working with. His knowledge of renewable energy, and enthusiasm for finding the best solution, was always appreciated by his team mates and clients.”

Graham Harris, Owner, Firefly GHG Consulting



“Jim is a technical expert in geo-exchange systems and the use of very advanced software for the analysis of renewable energy systems including: solar thermal, solar PV, concentrated solar, wind energy, biomass, geothermal, and others.”

Warren Brooke, CleanO2 Carbon Capture Technologies



“Jim was instrumental in finalizing the TRNSYS’s calculated data and concluding the result in a written report forming part of the final submission to the Federal Government.”

Morten V. Pedersen, President, M.V. Pedersen Engineering Inc.



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